Trade Finance

Import Data Processing and Monitoring System


To enhance ease of transactions such as Outward Remittances against Import of Goods, Customer Bill of Entry details etc as per the guidelines provided by the Reserve Bank of India.


The IDPMS software streamlines business processes in the area of data processing for payment of import transactions. The Reserve Bank of India has introduced IDPMS in consultations with customs authorities and other stake holders, All category - 1 banks are requested to upload various transactions as per the formats provided by the Reserve Bank of India.


The LMCC IDPMS software facilitates bulk upload of data to the Reserve Bank of India IDPMS system thereby overcoming manual tasks and time. Starting October 10th, 2016, all Import related transactions will flow to IDMPS on a regular basis in order to monitor Import transactions.


  1. Outward Remittance
  2. Customer Data Download from IDPMS Server
  3. Payment Settlement
  4. Data Validation
  5. Data Checks
  6. Bill of Entry Settlement XML
  7. ORM Balance Report
  8. ORM RBI acknowledgement
  9. Data Control Reports


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