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Forward Contracts Module


A forward contract is an agreement between two counterparties - a buyer and seller. The buyer agrees to buy an underlying asset from the seller. The delivery of the asset occurs at a later time, but the price is determined at the time of purchase.

Advantages of Forward Contracts

Allows the business to lock in an exchange rate for a trade that will occur at a future pre-agreed rate.
Choose a rate which suits the business that will allow you to buy and sell in the future at a known rate.
Manage and budget cash flow without worrying about FX volatility. Forward exchange contracts can be used as hedging mechanisms for a business.


1. Customer Master
2. Forward Contract Booking Data
3. Confirmation of Forward Contract Booking
4. Forward Contract Cancellation
5. Forward Contract Booking Advice
6. Forward Contract Booking Voucher
7. Customer-wise Forward Contract Register
8. Reports for Contracts Matured for the period
9. Outstanding Forward Contracts Report
10. Audit Trail

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