Application Reports Error HTTP status 503: Service Unavailable

In case you are facing this issue while generating LMCC reports as displayed below. Please make sure SQL Reporting Services is on ‘Start’ and not on ‘Stop’. This issue is caused due to SQL Reporting Services.

To start Reporting Services Configuration Manager, please contact your internal IT department or follow the below steps if you are an authorised user.

  1. On the Windows start screen, type reporting and in the Apps search results, click Reporting Services Configuration Manager.
  2. The Report Server Installation Instance Selection dialog box appears so that you can select the report server instance you want to configure.
  3. In Server Name, specify the name of the computer on which the report server instance is installed. The name of the local computer is specified by default, but you can also type the name of a remote SQL Server instance.
  4. In Instance Name, choose the SQL Server Reporting Services instance that you want to configure. Only SQL Server 2008 and later report server instances appear in the list. You cannot configure earlier versions of Reporting Services.
  5. Click Connect.
  6. You should now be able to open and generate your reports.


For additional information refer this link.

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Unable to upload R – RETURN file to LMCC application?


If you are unable to upload R – Return files to LMCC application, it may be because the file size is more than 5-10 MB due to macros, formulas etc present in the input file.

To resolve this issue copy all the contents of the file and paste it into a new .csv/excel file and re-upload to LMCC.

Kindly make sure any file to be uploaded into LMCC should not have any formulas, macros etc present in file.

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Schema check failed error in LMCC eBRC application?

Please check the input file uploaded into LMCC for format issues.

Some common issues are –

  • Date format incorrect. Make sure all dates are in dd/MM/yyyy format
  • Shipping Bill number may contain additional space after the number. For example ‘33214568 ‘ instead of ‘33214568’.
  • Port Code is in small letters. Port Code must always be in Capital letters.


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Runtime Error 13 : Type Mismatch in LMCC eBRC application?

Platform – Visual Basic 6.0

This issue occurs because the input file uploaded is not in the correct format. Please check the date fields which must be dd/MM/yyyy format then save and upload to LMCC again.

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