Payroll Management

Payroll Management


Payroll processing is a challenging and time-consuming activity which can be automated and outsourced to drive core business functionality.


Payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries, wages and deductions for every employee in an organisation. A payroll management system ensures a business follows a well-planned process in order to make timely and accurate payments in compliance with government regulations.


Set up your organisation in no time and manage all your payroll responsibilities from a single dashboard. The LMCC payroll software lets you view and manage your payroll at your own convenience using a simple and beautiful interface. Our software follows the highest standards of security and compliance including requirements such as Chapter 6, Chapter 6A, Section 2A, Section 80, Tax exemptions and taxable perks. We understand business processes well and have built our software to help HR Managers as well as accountants and auditors.


1, Employee Life Cycle Management
2. Auto Generate Pay Slips.
3. Consolidated Reporting
4, Quick Resolution of Employee Queries.
5. High Standards to Compliance6. Accurate Salary Calculations.
7. Better Income Tax Planning.
8. Role Based User Profiles
9. Flexible Benefits Plan
10. Dedicated Account Manager


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